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The Leader of Medical Equipments in Thailand.

Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd was established in 1984 by Mr. Chaiyos Hanvivatvong, Managing Director, and other 6 managerial members in order to import and distribute medical science equipments to government, hospitals, schools and etc.

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Message from Managing Director

As a Managing Director, I am honored to say that Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has already been found and operated for 32 years by supporting from lovely customers who are around the country.

Products & Services

We are specialist in HLA Transplant Technologies, Medical Science Laboratory Kits, Diagnostic & GMO / Trait Test and High Quality Laboratory Products of Plasticware. We are an authorizer and representative in Thailand to deliver products and services from One Lambda, SARSTEDT, Agdia, Diagnostic Regents and BOECO Germany.


Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has divided products in this category into 3 groups and plus Science Laboratory Kits those consist of Antibody Detection, Molecular Typing, HLA Serological Typing and HLA Typing Laboratory Kits.


The major products in this category are the Medical science laboratory kits. Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. is the authorizer & representative from SARSTEDT Germany. We deliver SARSTEDT products which consist of Laboratory and Diagnostic.


Currently, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has been an authorizer in Thailand and offered Agdia products to customers in 2 groups of products which are GMO/ Trait test and Pathogen test.

Diagnostic Reagents

Currently, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. is a representative and delivers products from Diagnostic Reagents Ltd. in 13 type of  products, particularly in the areas of PT Reagents , APTT Reagents, Near Patient Testing Reagents and more..

BOECO Germany

Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. delivers BOCOE’s products in 4 categories. Particularly, in the areas of Liquid HandlingLaboratory EquipmentLaboratory PlasticwareDensity Temperature and Time Measurement.



News & Activities

Update News, Activities and Workshops

Happy New Year 2021 Greeting From Managing Director
As a Managing Director, I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 to everyone. I wish all of you are happy, wealthy, healthy in this new year and enjoy this precious time; as well as, I would like to say thank you very much to all of you who put the trust in and support us throughout 2020.
Executive Interview with Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd.
In lately morning at Delta Laboratory’s office, we have an opportunity to interview with Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee, who is not often to give an interviewing anywhere. However, this time he will give us an exclusive interview about his working style, attitude, and  philosophy. We are honored and appreciated. In order not to wasted time, we will begin at the first question in this in interview.
Event Photo Gallery “Fundamental of Sustainable Development of Blood Bank” On 24-25 February 2020
Event Photo Gallery “Fundamental of Sustainable Development of Blood Bank” at S.D. Avenue Hotel Pinklao, Bangkok On 24-25 February 2020


Researches, Journals and New Technologies from our Partners, One Lambda Inc.

The most advanced Luminex system to date! Dual syringe pumps and reagent reservoirs allow for higher throughput and planned maintenance routines. With its ability to process 500 bead regions simultaneously, there is significant increase in the size of screenable analytes. When used with LABType XR and CWD  …
Ion S5 Sequencing Systems
The NXType HLA Sequencing assay, together with the Ion S5 System, enables first pass, high-resolution genotyping of the Class I and Class II loci of the Histocompatibility Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes. Sequencing data generated on the Ion S5 system is downloaded in real time onto the Torrent Server™ …
Ion Chef System
The Ion Chef™ System fully automates NXType reagent template preparation, including clonal amplification of final library pools, recovery and enrichment of template-positive Ion Sphere™ Particles, and loading of sequencing-ready Ion Torrent semiconductor chips in less than 15 minutes of up-front hands-on time.


Videos and Innovations from Our Partner, One Lambda Inc.

Analyzing One Lambda’s AllType NGS Assay using TypeStream Visual Software – Version 1.2

The course will guide participants through an introduction of the software while also providing analytical overviews of various samples including one “Typical Case” and several “Special Cases.”

Keith Kurutz | Thermo Fisher Scientific, Canoga Park, CA

Assessing HLA Antibodies: Can we understand the strength?

Learn about the methodology and utility of the various reported methods of solid phase HLA antibody testing.

Nicole M. Valenzuela, PhD, D (ABHI) | UCLA | Los Angeles, CA

Validation of HLA Typing by NGS

A real life example from the University of North Carolina Hospital to showcase an HLA Laboratory’s experience when validating a new technology in Next Generation Sequencing

Eric T. Weimer, PhD, D (ABHI) | University of North Carolina

Non-HLA Antibodies: A New Perspective on Allograft Injury & Rejection
(Recorded 2018 Feb 14)

Dr. Jackson provides a detailed introduction to non-HLA antibodies, discusses their potential impact to transplantation, and reviews new developments in their characterization, followed by a Q&A session.

Annette M. Jackson, Ph.D
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, Maryland

HLA-DP: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Recorded 2017 Aug 24)

Learn about HLA-DP typing and antibody assessments with emphasis on evaluating donor:recipient compatibility for solid organ tx.

Howard M. Gebel, Ph.D., D(ABHI) | Robert A. Bray, Ph.D., D(ABHI)
Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA

Webinar: Moving FCXM into the Future with FlowDSA-XM (Recorded 2017 Jun 22)

What’s New in Flow Cytometry Crossmatching

Cathi Murphey Ph.D., D(ABHI) | Southwest Immunodiagnostics
San Antonio, Texas

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Chaiyos Hanvivatvong

Chaiyos HanvivatvongManaging Director - Delta Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Chaiyan Hanvivatvong

Chaiyan HanvivatvongBoard of Committee - Delta Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Aphai Hanvivatvong

Aphai HanvivatvongBoard of Committee - Delta Laboratory Co.,Ltd.