Ion Chef System

Ion Chef System

Ion Chef System

The Ion Chef™ System fully automates NXType reagent template preparation, including clonal amplification of final library pools, recovery and enrichment of template-positive Ion Sphere™ Particles, and loading of sequencing-ready Ion Torrent semiconductor chips in less than 15 minutes of up-front hands-on time.



  • Automates template preparation with minimal hands-on time and push-button simplicity
    • Performs isothermal amplification
    • Performs enrichment of Ion Sphere Particles
    • Performs chip loading (loads one chip per run)
  • Utilizes cartridge-based consumables and on-board reagent tracking
  • Walk-away automation standardizes results and eliminates user-variability
  • Single-day workflow with turnaround in as little as 6 hours and 45 minutes

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