Ion S5 Sequencing Systems

Ion S5 Sequencing Systems

Ion S5 Sequencing Systems


The NXType HLA Sequencing assay, together with the Ion S5 System, enables first pass, high-resolution genotyping of the Class I and Class II loci of the Histocompatibility Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes.

Sequencing data generated on the Ion S5 system is downloaded in real time onto the Torrent Server™ and automatically processed after each run using TypeStream™ NGS Analysis Software. This process is optimized for speed and accuracy to deliver the highest level of performance from an NGS workflow to date.

The S5 system is available in two configurations providing you the flexibility to choose the system that best meets your laboratory’s reporting requirements.


  • Speed – sequencing run times of less than six hours, allowing for downstream reporting of HLA genotypes in less than three days
  • Simplicity – cartridge-based consumables mean that instrument setup can take less than five minutes
  • Scalability – the S5 XL’s robust external server to power ultra-high throughput, can complete two full NGS runs per day – that’s 960 samples a week
  • Software – TypeStream™ is the industry’s only HLA software plug-in that provides automatic secondary HLA genotyping

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