With Delta Laboratory’s Service, We trust!!!

With Delta Laboratory’s Service, We trust!!!

With Delta Laboratory’s Service, We trust!!!

Interview with Le Ninh, Engineer . This time he works for Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. as the engineer And he will check-up and maintain machines for Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd’s customers in Thailand.

In the evening, December in middle of Bangkok, we do have an interview with funny and friendly guy Le –Ninh , Engineer. This is the first time for him to give us an opportunity to interview.

Hello, Mr. Le Ninh Could you mind to introduce yourself?

First, my name is Ninh and I’m from Vietnam. Actually, I have worked in Biotech Chemistry Company. I have been hardly trained from Luminex Corporation in order to handle and maintain Luminex’s instruments. So, this is my duty and responsibility.


Have you been in Thailand before?

Yes, this time is the second time for me. The first time was in the last year. I had some meeting with One Lambda Inc. This time is working time to maintain machines in Thailand.

What are you going to do in Thailand? and What do you have a plan to do?

Yes, I have a plan to go to hospitals in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Khonkaen province to maintain the Lab Scan 3D and Lab Scan 200 at Thai Red Cross Society, Ramathibodi Hospital and so on.

Basically, Do you love you job which has been made you to travel a lot?

Yes, I love traveling and I love my job much.

What is your work philosophy?

My job makes me more dynamic than before. It makes me more communicated with people. Every time I completely take care instruments and teach customers to use it. It makes me proud because I can create benefits to customers. This is my work philosophy “work hard and sincerely service”.


What do you think about the service in your mind?

I love to service. Actually, I just do the best. I always response quickly if my customers have some problems.

The last question, what do you have to say to customers in Thailand?

I have more confident to treat customers in Thailand, because they are so nice and gentle. I will work hard and do my best to them. I promise.

Before we finish the interview, Mr. Ninh said that he really loves to work with Thai customers. As he said that Thai customers are so nice and make he is looking forward to work with them.

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