Executive Interview with Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Executive Interview with Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Executive Interview with Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd.

In lately morning at Delta Laboratory’s office, we have an opportunity to interview with Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee, who is not often to give an interviewing anywhere. However, this time he will give us an exclusive interview about his working style, attitude, and  philosophy. We are honored and appreciated. In order not to wasted time, we will begin at the first question in this in interview.

Could you mind introducing yourself to customers and stakeholders ?                                  

Hello, all lovely customers and stakeholders. I am Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee. As a family member of Delta Laboratory,  I am glad and honored  to have an interview with you as well.

Could you tell me about your work experience? and How do you be a part of this company?

In the past I had worked at Department of Public Work, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration until I retied when I was 60 years old. After I retired, I have joined Delta Laboratory until now or around 14 years. Actually, I have joined the company as Board member and Share holders since the begining of the company. I have seen Mr. Chaiyos, Managing Director, dedicates himself and devotes his time to work for this firm. I also have seen the company developed and grown up little by little although I did not get involve in the company much in the early. However, after I have fully worked at here and be one of family member. I am not surprised that our organization has grown up and developed continually. I strongly believe that because our Management team and Staff team dedicate themselves and devote their time as well as sincere working for our company all the time.

How does your prior experience can apply to work and manage Delta Laboratory?

My Civil engineering knowledge maybe it looks far from Medical equipment business or strategy management. Experience that I have maybe it is not Medical laboratory equipment business. However, for me, when we work in normal life, we must handle with planning, people, management, controlling as well as follow up our work to success in our company’s goal. All of us must stick together and walking in the same way. As a Board of Committee, I am willing to support all my team staffs and company in everything.

Mr. Chaiyan Hanvivatvong, Board of Committee

What do you think about working between senior generation and young generation?

Between senior and young generation maybe we do have some different working style to work with. Sometimes it depends on time and new technique working which we have. However, it does not mean we cannot work together. The most important things are flexible and adapted to each other. If people lean to be kind and share, we will destroy the e-go. Then, we don’t have any age discrimination problem. Basically, our organization has always supported and cheered team staffs to join CSR. program such as maintain and developed religion, money donation, and so on. From these reasons, although in our Delta Laboratory family include with many generations, we can work well together.

In human resource management, What is the most important thing for you?

Human resource is important for every organizations. People must be supported and cheered up to increase knowledge and develop continually. Skill is from practice and training. Training until you be a specialist. I strongly believe that people can be specialist if they hardly train and get a chance. Another thing that important for me is honesty. Honesty is intangible but people must have it from inside. If people have honesty from inside, that will honestly drive the organization to customer and stakeholders as well.

Before we finish the interview today, Mr. Chaiyan also said “ I promise that I and my team will work hardly and sincerely in order to offer the best product and service to all lovely customers and stakeholders and hope to see you again”.

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