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Delta Laboratory CSR & Exclusive Interview With
Mr. Chaiyos Hanvivatvong

Mr. Chaiyos Hanvivatvong, Managing Director

Today Mr. Chaiyos Hanvivatvong, Managing Director, is kind to give an interview in the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility which has run since Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. In order not to waste time, let’s begin this interview.

First of all, Could you mind to define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept in your mind?      

From my opinion, CSR is basically the way of business that the organization has realized about people, society, and environment that are surrounded the company and coexist without thinking about money and benefit which the firm will gain. In other words, CSR in my mind is the program and activities which the company returns benefits back to the society without any condition.


   2. Could you tell about CSR which Delta Laboratory has run from the first beginning to nowadays?

Since the company was found in 1984. I and my team have run CSR programs continually. In the past, we did not know what it called CSR. We just needed to do as much as we could. Those programs were not complex such as giving scholarship to students, money donation to hospitals, and philanthropy especially temple donation. Our company has run it like a tradition and I believe that return benefit to society is the major responsibility.

   3. What do you think that some people said “CSR. is just a marketing strategy trend”?

No, I’ve never thought it is Trend or Strategy. I do that because I need to do.  I’ve thought that is a kind of returning benefits to society. I’ve never set up KPI.  or any successful index. That’s all.

   4. Could you explain and give some example CSR Programs which Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has run?

Basically, CSR Programs in the company have divided into 2 sides. These are Internal and External sides

First, that is Internal side which focuses on inside the company. In Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. we have policy to import the best quality of products to customer and service them by sincerely at the suitable price in all market segmentation.  Also, I have always believed in people and my team. I strongly believe that people are core value of business without them the firm cannot create any value and benefits to the society; so, I try to focus on Human resource development. Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has the policy in human resource development by sending not only employees but also customers to workshop and training in both within and outside the country. Then, they will bring back new knowledge to develop our country. In addition, I always treat my all staffs like my family members. As the company’s philosophy “Taking Care of Customers and Workers Like The Firm’s Family Member”. This is the culture which I have created inside my company.

In the part of External, I focus on outside the company. Basically, I and my team love to improve people as I mentioned above; so, we give scholarship to many students around the country such as Suankularb Witayalai, Nongkung School, Mahidol University. I also donate money to many foundations and hospitals in Thailand such as Prof. Tassaneeya  Foundation, Liver Foundation of Thailand, The Kidney Foundation of Thailand, Siriraj Hospital, Thai Redcross Society, As well as, philanthropy programs which are Kantrom Tai Temple (Srisaket), Phabhatnamphu Temple, Paknam Temple and so on. As a business owner I have believed that I have to return the benefits to the country no matter how it much or not.

   5. What do you have to do? Or What do you have a plan to do for CSR program?

Anyway, we will begin running CSR program in full concept. We will have a road trip to run CSR program which staffs have collaboration in the programs. Actually, our company did two projects already. One was installing water filter to the village in Chachoengsao province and another one was building the First Aids room at Kantrom Tai Temple in Srisaket Province.  Anyway, we still have plans to restore old temples in the suburb, set up water supply system, building First Aids room as well as donate money to any foundations and give scholarship to students. I believe that still has many temples, schools or foundations need help from us and my team.

Before we finish the interview today, Mr. Chaiyos has some message to all stakeholders “I and my team promise we will run CSR continually as much as we can, and we will do the best”.

10 April 2019