Message from Managing Director

Dear all lovely customers and stakeholders,

As a managing Director, I am honored to say that Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has already been found and operated for 32 years by supporting from lovely customers who are around the country. From the beginning to nowadays, I and my team have mainly intended to import products and innovations to develop the country. I am always also put my heart to the firm and manage this company by offering high quality of products and services to customers; as well as, treating both my all customers and employees as the best as I can. At Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd., I and my staffs always believe that people are a core value of business like the firm’s philosophy “taking care of customers and workers like the firm’s family member”. From this reason, the company has focused on human resource development by sending both customers and employees to workshop not only within but also international countries so as to take knowledge and experience come back to develop Thailand.

In addition, since 1984 the firm has been established. Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has continually run CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, program such as giving scholarship, Philanthropy, and Money donation to the schools, hospitals, temples and etc. because I strongly believe that returning benefits to the society is the responsibility of the organization. The company also believe that benefits should be shared to other parts of the society.

Finally, I will take this opportunity to thank our lovely and valued customers who have highly confidence and put the trust in Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. in products and services. I and my team promise that we will improve our products and services so as to supply to all lovely customers as the best as the firm can.

Chiyos Hanvivatvong
Managing Director
Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd.