Products & Services


Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has been a representative and distributor of One Lambda, subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, in Thailand since 1986. Basically, products in this category are HLA typing and Antibody detection which are designed for highly specific pre- and post transplant monitoring. Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. is also the only one authorizer which supplies products and services; as well as, do all business activities to clients in Thailand.

Currently, Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. has divided One Lambda products in this category into three groups which are Antibody Detection, Molecular Typing, HLA Serological Typing , and another one group in Lab science kits.

The products in this category are a collection of integrated solutions to help identification HLA antibodies that may course graft rejection. The products in this group consist of

  1. LabScreen
  2. C1Q Screen
  3. AT1R
  4. Flow PRA

Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. is overwhelming to offer One Lambda’s products which are A comprehensive line of molecular products for HTL tissue typing that support laboratories and physicians worldwide. HLA laboratories can choose the molecular DNA typing method that best meets their requirement. The products in Molecular Typing categories are

  1. NXType NGS Reagents
  2. LABType
  3. Smart Type
  4. Micro SSP
  5. AllSet+™ Gold SSP
  6. SeCore
  7. Genotyping

Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. and One Lambda Inc. are overwhelming to offer HLA Serological Typing. Basically, One Lambda Inc. states that “HLA Serological Typing is an industry vanguard in HLA tissue typing, One Lambda developed the first assays that accurately determine HLA antigens. One Lambda’s broad spectrum of serological typing products include Terasaki T1, T2, and T3 NIH method typing trays as well as locus specific, ethnic, supplemental and dry trays.” The products in HLA Serological Typing are

  1. Tissue Typing Trays
  2. Lambda Monoclonal Trays
  3. Reagents and Ancillary
  4. Genotyping

HLA Typing laboratory kits are the final category from One Lambda which has been Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. provides to customers in Thailand. Products and services in this category consist of

  1. Automated Pipettors/Dispensers
  2. NGS Instruments
  3. Reader/Analyzers
  4. Software