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17th International HLA & Immunogenetics Workshop

ihiws-event-2017This years IHIWS promises to further advance the continued international collaboration in research in HLA and Immunogenetics projects. The major goals are to define HLA and KIR genomics, map serologic epitopes using NGS and single antigen bead technologies, and develop robust research and clinical informatics tools for HLA and KIR.

In addition, topics will include identification of best-practices, MIRING & HML reporting standards, and storing of big-data.

September 6, 2017 – September 10, 2017
Asilomar Conference Grounds | Pacific Grove, California
United States

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Reference : OneLambda, IHIWS


Exclusive Interview with Mr.Paul Wong, HLA Technician Consultant of One Lambda

In the middle of Bangkok in lately afternoon in March 2017, we do have an executive interview with a down on
earth and friendly guy Mr. Paul Wong, HLA Technician Consultant of One Lambda. In this time Mr. Wong is very kind for giving Delta Laboratory to the first executive interview in Thailand, and Delta Laboratory is really honor to have a chance with Mr. Paul Wong as well.

Could you mind to introduce yourself to customers and others? 

Hello, my name is Paul Wong I have worked for One Lambda since 1998, and right now I am a sales consultant.

How long have you worked for One Lambda?

I have been at Lambda since 1998. I guess right now is about 18 or 19 years.

What is your career responsibility?

My work have spent mostly as sales consulting in technically for One Lambda in the region of Asia, and the past in the Middle East of Asia and Brazil. Right now, mostly in Asia except China.

What is your work philosophy?

My philosophy, I’m not sure I actually have once. But If I have to pick the easiest once, that is I don’t focus on having to hard sell. I provide the service to the users to the best of abilities, ambitious on possible, so that I can gain the trust of customers. In the trust, I think it likes planting seed. If I plant the seed and educate the customers when they need the product they will come back. It mostly like focus on the customer service. When I provide customer service and technical support, then the business and customer eventually come back. As I told you, that is not pretty much.

Could you mind to explain what HLA Technology is? and What is different that makes One Lambda is more special than competitors?

First of all, One Lambda actually has every product that is available in the market and in every method. That make the firm is different unique. The main product is the Luminex products which create value for the firm in total revenue right now.  Today, the firm has talked and promoted to customers is the NGS system which is the smart type. This is the new platform from us and we are hoping that the firm will be ability leverage with this different technology into the company, so that the firm will have a better future if compare with others. That is basically to provide the many different type of products and method up there in the market as much as the firm can. That is our opportunity. We just have every available product.

What do you see HLA Technology in Thai market such as opportunity or problem? If you see some problem, what is strategy which One Lambda to handle with it?

I don’t see any problem in Thai market. I can see opportunity; the firm would like to focus on to make sure that we can maintain the market and market share. Some areas that we need to do in Thailand for Delta Laboratory is that we need to straighten the market are moving in the way. For example, market is moving in Bone marrow registry. There is more need in NGS typing or High way solution.

The Luminex technology has done well for us in the past but I need to make a change in position of software. We will be able to capture and maintain market for Bone marrow registry, and the laboratory talk about maybe between one or two years moving on to NGS. Delta Laboratory needs to be in position to get that business to maintain that, so we don’t lose market share.

Can you forecast HLA technology in Thailand? and What is One Lambda strategy in 2017?

I forecast for HLA, and Delta Laboratory probably get closer the target in revenue. At this point, it was still have come from the main product lines, mostly from Maintaining and Lab type market and hopefully grow some in another market like Lab screen. In 2017 we still have another 9 months to go, so that we have time to overcome and maintain market in the future and beyond 2017.

The final question, do you have to say something to customers in Thailand?

Thank you very much and I am looking for your country to support in the future.

Before Mr.Wong says goodbye to us, he promises that he and his company will offer the innovations and services to lovely customers in Thailand.

Interviewer : Pansang Chaiyadej & Jeeraporn Pittayamateekul                                                                                                 March 21, 2017