Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd has realized that education is the most important for not only clients but also employees who work for the firm. Basically, Mr. Chaiyos Harnvivatwong, Managing Director, loves to improve and develops human resource department. He treats both clients and employees as a family member. From this reason, the firm has supported clients and employees to have

Oversea Training

by sending clients and employees to train with specialists and technicians in oversea countries such as U.S.A. , South Korea, Austria, Vietnam, Singapore, and etc.

Within Country Training

by knowledgeable persons from One Lambda. Generally, One Lambda always sends technicians and specialists in HLA transplant technologies to support Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd. when the firm has a workshop in Thailand. Some workshops the specialists will train in both clients and the firm’s employees in the same time. However, some workshop is only for the Product specialist of Delta Laboratory Co., Ltd.  Then, the product specialist will train others by herself.